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Parent Testimonials

The staff and teachers at Guajome Academy have done an amazing job with the Google classroom and keeping us informed. Thank you - Guajome Parent

Thank you to your Guajome Teachers and Administration! We are grateful for such wonderful teachers!!! These educators are teaching, challenging our children, and holding them accountable (as it should be). Adding normalcy and stability during this very trying time for our families and (our country). Thank you again! - Guajome Parent

Guajome Teachers & Staff, thank you. What an amazing job you are doing! Tech help, food, virtual classes, answering all my messages. Job well done! - Guajome Parent

Thank you for your unending support. May God bless and protect us all from this pandemic crisis. - Guajome Parent

Thank you for the updates! - Guajome Parent

As a parent, I want to thank all of our teachers for everything they're doing for our students. I really appreciate how teachers have been communicating with and helping parents during this time. Not only are they working very hard providing online instruction to our students, but they are also taking time and communicating with parents about how their students are doing. Guajome's response to this situation just confirms the reason why I chose for my kids to attend this school. - Guajome Parent & Staff Member


I have been beyond impressed with how quickly GPA has stepped up and quickly had a plan in place this week. Watching my student have the ability to join "meet-ups" with her teachers and classmates was awesome. Keep up the good work!! - Guajome Parent

Guajome staff has been amazing. Thank you!! - Guajome Parent

Hello Guajome!! Thank you very much for the great support to each and every teacher and the school staff, for their hard work and effort to keep our children up to date in their studies and keep us updated. Thanks for the food and virtual classes. For me and my family, an excellent school. God bless you and all of your families. - Guajome Parent

Thank you all for your efforts in continuing this school year during this unexpected crisis.  I am so impressed by how the teachers have kept the students engaged and up to speed.  It’s truly a learning curve and new experience for us all and Guajome has truly stepped up to the plate. I truly appreciate all the effort, flexibility, creativity and everything that it takes to make school happen during this time.  I am so grateful for all of you!  Thank you very much for your commitment to our students and families. - Guajome Parent